Pets on the Bed: Yay! or Nay?

Pet owners have many decisions to make: which brand of food, how many walks per day, the best toys to buybut we all know the most important question to answer:

Pets on the bed: yes or no?

Right?! The battle wages strong between pet owners who share the bed and those who say overnights are off-limits. So who’s right? Is it merely a case of personal preference, or does science have something to say about the matter?

Let’s look at the facts.

Team Snuggle Bus:

People who sleep with their pets appreciate:

Extra warmth. Save on utility bills and skip the fire hazard. A heated blanket has nothin’ on your pet’s higher body temperature.

Security. When your head goes down at night, vulnerability goes up. A pup at your feet can provide a sense of safety, especially for children and singles.

Companionship. Banish lonely nights with a furry-friend snuggle. The unconditional love of a pet is the perfect recipe for a good night’s sleep.

Stress-relief. Cat purrs have been scientifically shown to reduce blood pressure, while rhythmic snores and breathing of your pooch can reduce insomnia and help you relax. Fun fact: petting your animal releases oxytocin (responsible for mutual stress relief and well-being) in your brain and theirs.

Better health. Proximity to your pet may decrease risk of stroke and heart disease.


Team Oh Heck Meow:

People who prefer their pets off the bed cite reasons such as:

Dirty sheets. If your pet spends time outdoors, there’s a good chance dirt, bugs, and pooalong with the standard allotment of furmight hit the pillow(top) alongside you. 

Allergies. Year-round, allergies can be triggered by the various dust, dander, and pollen particles a pet brings in and leaves on the furniture and bedding

Aggression. If an animal has a strong attachment to one pet parent, she may become aggressive when the other parent shares the bed. Similarly, some pets lash out when startled or squished in bed.

Sleep disruption. Let’s face it: pets do weird things in the wee hours, including scratching, snoring, digging, and general bed-hogging. All of these can impact the quality of your sleep.

The great divide. Pets are experts at sprawling on beds. If your cat or dog separates you and your partner, it may create a physical barrier to closeness and bonding at night. 


Our vote?

At the end of the day (literally), comfort and happiness matter most. Whatever helps you enjoy your custom-made mattresswhether it’s pets on or offis the team we support.


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