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RV Mattresses

RV mattresses and custom sizes are available for your needs.


Drift into luxurious slumber with this medium-firm feel pillow top mattress.


The ideal sleeping surface for two, the Sutter features firm support via the Bolsa coil system.

The Holland

Calling all side sleepers – the Holland Maid mattress is for you.


Premium support and soft sleeping surface make this medium firm mattress a smart choice.

Visco Pedic – Copper

New generation memory foam mattress built with copper infused into the top layer to aid in your health.

Visco Pedic – Deluxe

Our copper memory foam bed with the addition of latex layer for cooling air movement.

Visco-Pedic Memory foam

Perfect for those who live an active lifestyle, our Visco-Pedic bed provides a soft, buttery smooth feel that transports you to another realm of relaxation after a long day.