BuzzElectric ..
Just the best!  My wife and I have been looking for the perfect bed and saving for it for a year.  We looked at a lot of stores and at a lot of online sites.  We found what we were looking for at Square Deal Mattress Factory in Chico.  Actually, they made a bed to our specifications.  The owners, Jamie and Jessica, and the sales lady Kim really know about the intricacies of making beds.  We asked for a certain type of latex for the core of the bed.  They knew exactly what we were talking about and knew where to source it.  The cover had to be cotton, so they even suggested we use their organic cotton.  They then made it to our specifications.  We then wanted  a split king adjustable base for the bed.  Just so happens that they are the dealer for the base we wanted.  Everything was ordered and it was delivered and set up on time by a couple of guys that were fun to work with.  They even hooked up our head board.  They took the old bed away and cleaned up all of the packing materials.  This is a quality bed sold, made and delivered by quality people.  If you don’t have a good experience buying a bed from Square Deal you might want to check your attitude.  Also I got a three percent discount by mentioning the Yelp ad.

Angela M.
Not only have I always hear wonderful things about this company, being from Chico since going to college.  But just today, I had a my car break down at the stop sign right in front of their business.  A Lash’s Glass truck honked at me as I was furiously trying to get my hazards on and rudely sped past me (when I was already having a hard day).  The Lash’s Glass employees noticed my distress and my car in the middle of the road and came out to help me push my car to the side of the road in the near 100 degree heat!  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it and ironically, my husband and I are in the market for a new mattress and you’ll be the first place we come look

Peter D.
No Complaints just bought my second ‘Churchill’ double sided mattress, this one for home, we initially found SDMF on the internet when we needed a quality custom size RV King (80×72) made for us, it is very comfortable and, the guys wrestled it into our RV and removed the other.

Carolyn S.
We purchased our custom made waterbed king mattress   from Square Deal in 2013..  We love it! I enjoy a good night sleep every night.. I fully expect to get 20 use out of this mattress.

Steven A.
We wanted to see what a mattress Factory could do for us.  We wanted to go back to a double sided mattress.  After a brief tour of the factory and some reasonable negotiations we ended up not only purchasing a king for our Master bedroom but also a queen for a guest room.

Karen B.
To update my review I just want to say that it’s been four years now and we’re still sleeping on that same mattress and we love it. We plan on purchasing a second mattress when we need to replace the one in our spare bedroom.
They make your mattress in house! We got a tour of the facilities, all at this one location. Met the family, as it is a family run business and had all our questions answered. They made our bed to order and were having a great sale when we were there. We’ve been sleeping on it for about 3 months now and we could not be happier with it! Thank you!

S D.
Family run business, old school, lovely people to work with.
These are hard working people, they love what they do , you can see that, and they are good at it too.
Treat people the way you want to be treated, quess what , they will bend over backwards.

Customer is not always right !!
I went in and had a very pleasant conversation with Jamie. She was great, I picked out cushion covers for my motorhome. Slip on and off. ( got to see were they did it very old school .
Wonderful man and wife team. funny man 🙂 I changed my mind on a color , it was early, so they could change it , same yardage.
so kind and sweet. Very happy too.
Also had bed made , fits great , just what I wanted. What a great night sleep I had.
Thank you

Martin W.
In 2001 we purchased a custom-made sleeper sofa from Square Deal, and it’s in perfect condition 12 years later. The construction is VERY heavy-duty, so it’s a heavy couch, but we are confident that it will last decades. This isn’t your typical, disposable furniture that you find in big box stores. Even better, they manufactured it exactly to our specifications.
We also purchased a mattress here in 2004, and today (2013) it’s as comfortable as ever. My wife prefers a bed that is relatively soft, and I’d like the bed to be a little more firm, but the Square Deal Eloquence model was “just right”. (I don’t know how they did that.)
We could not be happier with our products from Square Deal.

Marie S.
We recently had a foul customer service experience with Tempurpedic… we went to Square Deal where we found a BETTER mattress, for half the $$ and they are 110% willing to help us and make our experience as easy as possible. We are left feeling completely satisfied and we will recommend them to everyone we know.

Matthew B.
I love this place. The mattresses and good quality, and last a long time. They have excellent costumer service, and the after sale followup is outstanding.

Timothy M.
One stop shopping for your mattress needs, Jamie and her staff know everything about your bedding needs, it’s very important to get correct info, for a big purchase

Judith W.
If you need any foam cushion for anything, this is the only place to get it! Amazing selection available, custom sized, and Greg makes it certain that you get the right stuff even on a budget! Wonderful people at a wonderful place!

Matthew J.
Wow, I am impressed with Square Deal Mattress Factory. Like me, going in for a mattress that’s made in Chico is a good thing everyone should do, but their showroom also has so many other things like furniture, upholstery (I got stuck in their upholstery library!) and they told me about all the foam repairs they can do for our stuff too. Nice, professional people, high-quality affordable products. This is a home store to keep on your radar, my family recommends Square Deal!

John L.
Wonderful staff and customer service. Providing much more than mattresses; custom furniture re-upholstering and supplies for DIY. Check them out for your next interior design project…

Jessica M.
Great little mom and pop type shop. Excellent customer service, friendly staff, great price, hand made product, exceptional warranty and free delivery and removal. ???

Corey H.
They have sold me 2 mattresses so far and they are the best quality made i have ever had. They really customize to what your ideal bed would be! Amazing staff that really went the extra mile! I recommend them to everyone!

S Anderson
We had intended to purchase one double sided mattress but we ended up buying two. We took a quick tour of the factory and could see the hand crafted work. It is a family owned an operated business and the younger generation plans to continue the operation so they have an interest in having high quality products. Our King came with a 15 year warranty and while not as inexpensive as the single sided mattress’s, we think this one will be worth it.

Ray P.
Had our 38 year old couch totally rebuild. What a wonderful surprise to have it delivered Christmas eve. We had forgotten how nice it could look. Great pleasure dealing with Square Deal. Can’t wait to see how our next piece turns out.

Liam M.
Great Deal

A Google User
This company has been in business for so many years in Chico and when you walk in you see why. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. When it came to helping me pick the perfect mattress they were able to point me in the right direction and test the softness before making a decision. The staff not only helped me decide on the type of mattress that would be best for my back but they delivered it fast and easy too. The cost was very reasonable, considering the amount of comfort I’ve gotten from it and that they make every bed! If you’re looking for a new bed then don’t go anywhere else other then these people, I guarantee you’ll love the bed you go home with.

A Google User
I have gone to square deal mattress factory for all of my mattresses and some furniture for the last 25 years. The staff is the most knowledgable around, the service is excellent, and the quality is unbeatable. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Melissa K.
I’ve only been in Oroville a little over a month and have now purchased a second bed. I love the people, the product and highly recommend them!!!!

Louise R.
Was very pleased ,got our new mattress and everyone was very nice and the store smells so good,lovely candles
2 Weeks later, wake up feeling so much better, no back aches , amazing what a new mattress can do .

Gary H.
Great people, great product! I have purchased many products from them, in fact they are “restuffing” 3 RV cushions now.

Sean P.
Great family owned local company. Great service and quality and I will recommend for years to come.

Daniel F.
I have a queen size memory foam mattress that has done wonders for my sleep!

Melissa W.
The best mattress store in town! Got a GREAT deal on my Dads mattress! Thanks guys!