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Square Deal Mattress Factory is California’s only 100+ year old, family run mattress factory. We make our own mattresses the traditional way with human hands and the highest quality craftmanship. Our legacy and traditions have been handed down for generations; combining the highest quality with the best possible prices, that is how Ennis came up with our name Square Deal.

Ennis Rife founded this company in 1920 to support his family.  Four generations later, his grandson and great-granddaughters carry on his philosophy of creating for his community better sleep for better health.

Here at Square Deal, we are grateful to our community for the many years of local support.  This local connection allows us to have a direct, personal relationship with the customers who enjoy our products every day.

It’s the personal touch for a very personal product.


In the year 2000, the Simmons brand invented the one sided mattress  gimmick telling consumers that you do not need to flip this new mattress and stressed the annoyance of having to flip a mattress. The big box brands saw a opportunity to increase their sales. They didn’t invent a non flippable mattress spring, they just chose to not pad the other side, in turn the mattress will break down faster increasing their mattress sales. We saw through these gimmicks and wanted to to right by our customers.

A Square Deal Mattress is designed to last twice as long as the non-flippable bed because its twice the bed!

Why is a flippable mattress better? Besides getting more for your dollar and creating less unnecessary waste. Being able to flip and rotate your mattress helps the mattress settle evenly and last even longer. While the other sided is not being slept on gravity and air flow help the paddings rest while being pressed up against a flat surface reliving it from your body contours.

If you really don’t like the idea of flipping your bed, we can easily not pad the other side like our competition, though we do not prefer that and it would decrease your warranty.

We would prefer to make you a quality, long lasting, two-sided mattress and have our crew flip if for you. Call us at (530)342-2510 to inquire about our Flipping service or email us at

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From a welcoming new collection of lounge seating to an executive chair that melds craft with ergonomics,
We want to show you some of our featured products here

Mattresses and Support
Life’s too busy for a bad night’s sleep

A solid night’s sleep starts with a high-quality mattress. We invite you to come experience our master craftsmanship, dual sided flippable mattresses, factory-direct pricing, and our lifetime comfort guarantee

Choose the right one for you

Proper bed support is essential for the longevity of your mattress, providing perfect weight distribution and surface-area support and breathability. From box-springs to adjustable we offer a wide variety of base options.

Breathe new life into your worn furniture

We help you re-imagine that lumpy sofa or frayed chair and turn it into a custom piece you’ll love for years. Make an appointment and let us show you what we can do!

Quality to the core

Since 1920, Square Deal has been making mattresses in Chico using USA materials from the inside out. We are known for our quality, two-sided durability and fair pricing. Each mattress is handcrafted to provide you with the ultimate sleeping experience.

Designed by you, built to last by us

Why settle for average boxstore furniture when you can have quality, custom built furniture for just a bit more? Your style, your way. From the frame to the cushions, the choice is yours.

Quality bedding down to the last stitch

We offer a full collection of quality sheet sets and mattress protectors to complete your ultimate sleep experience. We offer in-stock and custom order options to fit your personal style.

Foam Fabrications Foam
Custom cut foam to any size and shape

Furniture padding, bed toppers, medical and car wedges, we offer more foam products with choices of foam qualities and firmness than anyone in the North State. Latex Rubber, Memory foams, and all grades of poly and comfort foams.

MML Urn Bags
Custom made presentation bags

Our Miller, Mabrey, & Lash division delivers a variety of urn presentation bag options including water-soluble bags with tape closures. We have seven different colors in seven different sizes with custom embroidery available too.