We offer custom upholstery, tools, supplies, slipcovers and more!

  • Hand-crafted
  • Custom chosen fabrics
  • Professional upholsterers
  • Quality, care and precision
  • Free cost estimates
  • Touch-ups on wood
  • Re-tie springs and check frame support

Whether you have a cherished family heirloom ready for the next generation, or a thrift store piece with a great price but not so great style, you can completely change the look and feel through reupholstering. Although the process can be time consuming, reupholstering furniture can give you a piece completely unique to your own style and home. At Square Deal Custom Upholstery we reupholster the right way, from the frame up to the fabric, and stand behind our quality and workmanship.


  1. Come in and check out our fabric selections
    • We have a lending library so you can take the samples home to check them out under your own lighting.
    • Make sure you look at different times of day and night.
    • If you can not decide or need a larger sample just ask. We can order in a larger loose sample from most companies.
    • We will check the availability of the fabric to ensure there is no backorders and enough of the fabric is available to complete your job.
    • Once you have decided on the fabric a final estimate for your job will be written up.
  2. Measurements & Pictures are needed for a quote
    • E-Mail: Estimate@squaredealmattress.com 
    • Text (530) 680-7611
    • Call (530) 342-2510 to set up an In-Store Appointment
      • If you are not comfortable with taking your own measurements, you can bring in the piece(s) and our Upholstery Team can take the necessary information.
    • Call (530) 342-2510 to set up an In-Home Appointment
      • With multiple pieces you could set up an appointment for one of our team members to come out and take pictures and measurements at your house.
  1. Estimate Approval
    • After your estimate is finalized you will need to approve and sign the estimate. 
    • At the time of signing a deposit of 1/3 to total price is due.
    • The fabric will be ordered at this time to help lessen the chance of the fabric being discontinued or back ordered.
    • If you have an upcoming special event that you need the job completed by please make sure it is typed on the estimate. If the date is not typed on the paperwork it may not get done by that time
  2. Job Start to Completion
    • Furniture Drop off
      • When we are getting close to working on your job we will call you to set up either a time for you to drop off the furniture or for us to pick it up.
    • We do a quality job and that takes time. We do not rush our upholsterers. It takes as long as it takes. Some jobs take longer than anticipated while others go more quickly.
      • The month ranged on your estimate is our best guess on when the work will be completed.
      • Typically the piece is in shop for around 2 weeks. Multiple pieces take longer.
  3. Other things to note
    • We order in the fabrics. We have no control over any back orders or shipping time frames.
    • Occasionally, the fabric company will say that a fabric is still available when in fact it has been discontinued or a mill drop that has not been updated on their website.
    • If you want to know the price of the fabric, please ask as most companies do not send out sales reps to update their sample book pricing.

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