2021: The Year of Good Sleep: Exercise for the Life You Want

Here’s a thought: your exercise should be tailored to the life you live–or better yet, want to live.

Nate Carlascio, owner of Basis Health & Performance, approaches fitness in an unexpected, way–and that’s why we asked him to stop by for the 5th installment in our Year of Good Sleep wellness series. He’s here to share a few tips about why exercise is important and staying healthy with fitness during cold, flu, and COVID season. 

SD: Nate, thanks for joining us today.

NC: Glad to be here–I’ve been looking forward to it!

SD: Okay, Nate, before we really dive in: back to this tailored exercise approach: can you tell us what you mean?

NC: These days more than ever, many people are a physical by-product of their environment. If they’re sitting 8 hours a day, they may have pain or tension in their shoulders, or not enough movement throughout the day. People on their feet for an entire shift end up with sore legs, knees, and even feet pain.

This is why exercise is important! Personalized training plans can help mitigate these problems and create a better overall life and work experience. A person who loves their desk job, for example, might need to prioritize mobility classes or more walks. Strength training can build up the muscles in the legs for people who need extra standing support. Someone who has a very high stress level may need to walk an hour a day, not do sprints. 

SD: So, one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to fitness?

NC: Right: What works for me, may not work for you. Everybody has different fitness levels, goals, and interests, so it’s important to not get stuck in the mindset that there’s just one way.

At Basis, we have trainers with all different backgrounds: one participates in professional Team Roping and nutrition coaching, another is a former professional crossfitter. Because of our differences, we’re able to collaborate and bring many solutions to our members and their individual goals. 

SD: Speaking of Basis, tell us a little more about your gym and how you hope it can help Butte County.

NC: We call it a community gym, built around health, longevity, sustainability, and joy. You have to enjoy what you’re doing–that’s a big part of health! Our goal is to help every person who walks in our doors in pursuit of better health, whether that’s a better quality of life, physically looking different, or something else. 

The community aspect isn’t something discussed that often in the fitness industry, but at Basis, it has been such a valuable tool for both trainers and members. We want to create a community where that’s possible, and enjoyable, and where the community of fellow gym members is there to encourage and support each other. 

SD: Are you open for classes and exercise?

NC: Yes! We first opened our doors in 2018 with a lot of extra space at our facility. With the pandemic, we’re glad to have it as it’s allowed us to offer outdoor, socially-distanced workout options in addition to our masked indoor space and online classes.

SD: Alright, let’s talk health benefits. What are some ways exercise and health can be a positive effect on wellness?

NC: As far as wellness goes, exercise and movement in general have been proven to reduce anxiety and depression, increase cognitive function, alleviate symptoms of social withdrawal–there’s a huge list of positives, especially in context of community exercise with others around to encourage you. 

SD: Do you have any specific exercise suggestions to try out this year?

NC: Here are my top three:

1. The most important tip I can offer is to get in the habit of incorporating exercise into your daily routine. Consistent exercise is more important than anything, whether that’s three 10 minute walks throughout the day or 30 minutes once a day, for example. As long as you’re putting money in the fitness bank, you’ll see returns: better sleep, less stress, improved endurance, better mood, increased energy and stamina — the list goes on! 

2. When it comes to COVID, the virus statistically affects more people with existing metabolic disease or metabolic syndrome symptoms (such as diabetes, increased blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc.) so it’s important to prioritize metabolic health more than ever. 

3. Finally, find somebody you trust with your goals, such as a naturopath, doctor, trainer, nutritionist, or even a friend or two to help motivate and keep you on track. Then, be patient with yourself!

SD: Any final suggestions for exercise in the time of a pandemics?

NC: Support local business, local people, and your community. The way this pandemic affects people is going to be different for everybody. Make sure you’re helping people be accountable, supporting them. More than ever, this community needs to support each other. It might have to look different than before, but it’s just as important. 

SD: Thanks, Nate!

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