In the market for more than just a mattress?

Personalize your bedroom with unique bedding and duvet covers, pillow cases, blankets & more!  At Square Deal Mattress we sell quality bedding accessories such as headboards, heavy duty frames, mattress protectors, pillows, blankets and sheets for your convenience.

There are so many ways to dress up your bed creating a beautiful look you have been dreaming of. First, start with the base. Make sure your mattress and foundation are offering a good support. Adding a quality mattress protector will extend the life of your mattress and keep it clean and dust mite free for years to come. Select your inspirational piece that will inspire the focal point in the design. This could be something that you love like your favorite picture, chair, lamp, etc. Now let’s get started with the sheets. I believe white sheets work every time. They give the eye a place to rest when you layer on print and pattern. In the local climate it is best to go with 100% Cotton sheet in the 400 thread count and up during the warmer seasons of Spring and Summer. A good quality microfiber or flannel sheet is suggested for the cooler months in Fall and Winter. Next, comes the pillows. Choose your sleeping pillows based on comfort and your style of sleeping not the look. Then, add some contrast by mixing a variety of decorative pillows in different shapes or sizes with patterns and colors. Match standard pillowcases to your sheets, and match Euro shams to your quilt or duvet. A great duvet cover and coordinating shams will tie the ensemble together. Don’t be afraid to play with pattern. A quilt is an easy way to layer in some color and contrast. To complete the look, add a throw blanket or additional comforter in a solid print. In cold weather, sleep under the duvet and use your quilt as an accent. In warm weather, sleep under the quilt and fold the duvet at the foot of the bed. Whether you use a bed skirt or not may seem like a trifling decision, but it really does change the look of the bed and hence, your whole bedroom. If you do not like to use bed skirts we suggest placing a fitted sheet over the box spring to tie into the bedding and keep the box spring clean. Get creative and have fun with dressing up your mattress and completing your space how you want it.

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