4 Steps to Refill Your Couch Cushions

Let’s be honest: there’s nothing worse than a saggy seat.

A couch or chair with lumpy, frumpy, and worn out cushions is not only uncomfortable but also a surefire way to misalign your spine and injure yourself. Fortunately, if your furniture suffers this cushion catastrophe, we can help. Our team is expertly trained in restuffing your seats and bringing new life to your favorite lounging spots. 


If you’d like us to refill your cushions, follow the 4 steps below.

    1. Identify the Sag Source. While cushions are often the culprit, occasionally the structure springs might be causing the problem. Take a peek beneath the seat to determine what’s causing the furniture to sag. Not sure? Snap a picture, and we can take a look.
    2. Measure Your Cushion. Use a measuring tape to determine the approximate width, height, and length. Then, give us a call for an initial quote. If the price is right, move to Step 3.
    3. Find Your Filling. Using your original cushion for comparison, test your tush on our foam filling options. Go for a similar feel, make it harder or softer, add additional shape with a foam core, or swap in custom fillings like a down envelope for maximum fluffliness. 
                1. Schedule Your Service. Most cushion refills take about three to four days. Company headed your way tomorrow? We also have one-day service options!

Bonus: DIY at Home!

If you’re feelin’ crafty, we can supply all the stuffins you need to refill your cushions at home. Pro-tip: Once you’re ready to fit the foam into the cover, wrap it in a plastic bag or big sheet of plastic wrapping, then suck the air out with a vacuum. The foam will temporarily shrink down, so you can stuff it back into the cover. Just remember to take out the plastic bag so it doesn’t crinkle when you sit!  

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