Pillow Talk: How to Choose the Perfect Pillow for YOU

You’ve got a Goldilocks-approved mattress. Hurrah! Now, it’s time to find a pillow to make your good night’s sleep just right. With so many options out there, it’s important your pillow complements your unique needs and supports your overall quality of sleep. One style doesn’t fit all!


The key to long-term comfort is a neutrally-aligned spine. In other words, your pillow shouldn’t allow your neck to bend forward, backward, or to the left or right. “Loft” (height) is one key to proper alignment, as it raises or lowers the position of your head. Support is another, and it comes from the “fill” or insides of the pillow. 


This little chart can help determine what level of support you might need: 


Firm Medium Soft
Are you a side sleeper? x
Side sleeper with your arm tickling your ear? x
Do you sleep on your stomach? x
Do you wake up on your back? x
Do you like staring at cloud figures? x
Do you binge-watch movies in bed? x
Do you hug your pillow in your sleep? x
Do you take two pillows and shove them into one pillowcase? x


If you mostly answered:



…You need a pillow with a lot of support. This style is usually a bit thicker to lift your head off the mattress and straighten out your neck. Look for:

  • Latex Natural Rubber: Naturally made from the foamed sap of the hevea-brasilienis rubber tree, hypoallergenic, and antifungal. Bounces back quickly and is very soft.
  • Memory Foam (Solid Gel): Man-made and designed to help distribute weight, relieve pressure and contour around the head. The fill of a solid pillow cannot be moved around.
  • Buckwheat & Millet: Filled with the hulls of buckwheat and millet seeds, allowing continuous airflow and ventilation. Retains shape and loft under pressure and conforms to head and neck shape.



…You probably sleep primarily on your back. A medium-firm pillow supports the neck and head but won’t throw off proper alignment. Look for:

  • Latex Natural Rubber (Solid or Shredded): A less firm version of above!
  • Memory Foam (Shredded Gel): The same ingredients as the solid, just in a shredded design that allows the sleeper to mold and move it around.
  • Feather Blend (Duck and Down): Just as it sounds! A blend of quilled and down feathers provide medium support and allow you to fluff as needed.
  • Polyester: Usually available in a variety of firmness levels and can be squished and molded. Hypoallergenic options are often available.



…You need minimal support. This is the softest and usually flattest of them all and best for those who generally sleep on their stomach. Look for:

  • Latex Natural Rubber (Solid): Like “resting on air,” this soft style still provides adequate support but less loft.
  • Down: High level of compression for those needing a softer pillow, made from clusters of fluffy down
  • Polyester: Lightweight versions have the ability to feel similar to down and can easily compress. 


Healthy mix of all: 

Consider a pillow with moveable, moldable fill with medium support.

When it comes to the right pillow, other considerations include allergies and conditions like sleep apnea. While we hope these tips offer a head-start on the best rest for your noggin’, the Square Deal Dreamologists are happy to help with a personal consultation. We sell all the options above, so come into our Sleep Center to find the perfect pillow for a good night’s sleep!

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